What Dodge Charger is Right for You?

The Dodge Charger is a popular performance sedan. In the Charger line, there's many choices, which one is right for you? The most determining factor in Charger choices is engine. Dodge offers four options. Three are V8 Hemis with varying horsepower and torque. The fourth engine option is a V6 Pentastar option. 

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Chrysler Pacifica Interior Features

Chrysler is being rewarded for its improvements to the latest Pacifica model. The interior is spacious and comes with user-friendly technology that has brought it to the top of the charts for minivans. Safety and driver assistance has been a main focus for automakers this past year, but Chrysler has made sure to pack even its standard model with the latest parking sensor technology, blind spot monitoring, rearview cameras, rear cross traffic alerts, and automatic braking.

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How to Read Tire Sizes

Making sure you have the right tire information will benefit you in the long run. Even though it seems to be a lot of information, it’s really just a sequence of abbreviations. They will be clear to you with a little practice.

The group typically begins with a letter. It represents the type of vehicle. A “P,” for instance, let’s you know that it is appropriate for a passenger car. 

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Time for a Fuel System Service Call

The warning signs that your fuel system is failing are all around you, but do you know what to be on the lookout for?

  • If the car starts some days and takes a dozen tries another day, it could be the fuel pump is failing. This is often mistaken for a weak battery, and should be addressed sooner than later.
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Why an SUV is the Perfect Family Car

If you have a big family, it is close to impossible to travel in one vehicle, unless you own an SUV. An SUV is quite spacious and makes everyone comfortable. It is not only good on the road but can also do very well off-road. An SUV is a safer vehicle because of its large car, and it's heavier built.

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Expensing Total Cost of a Vehicle

With AS many costs playing into the total cost of owning a vehicle- any type of vehicle, large or small – you must be aware of all of the many types of expenses most drivers regularly incur. You should also look to what expenses you’ve paid towards your own vehicular ownership in recent years.

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A Smelly Cabin May Mean a Dirty Air Filter

Nobody likes to get into their vehicle and immediately notice a bad smell. Maybe it is the lingering scent of the take-out tacos, or a passenger who smokes, either way it is an unpleasant experience. If you have started to notice an increase in bad smells in your vehicle it could be indicative of the cabin air filter needing to be replaced.

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Transmission Maintenance: An Investment in Your Vehicle's Future

Getting a transmission flush or fluid change is an important maintenance step that can have a substantial effect on your vehicle's overall health, keeping it on the road longer. At our shop in Seattle, we offer a full range of diagnostic and repair services for manual transmissions, automatic transmissions, and CVTs. 

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It's Time to Get Your Car Checked

We understand how busy people are today. It can be difficult and very challenging to keep up with all that we go through in life. If can be equally difficult, and something that slips many peoples mind, to remember to get your car maintained. But, thanks to the dashboard you will continuously be reminded if you have forgotten.


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How to Get a Suitable Tire for Your Car

Once in a while, you will be faced with the need to get new tires for your vehicle. Finding the right tire can be quite a challenge especially due to the various types of tires. Some of the things that prove confusing about choosing the right type of tire to purchase include the make, model, or tread type. 

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