Handles Like a Warrior, Looks Like Class

Jeep Renegade's exterior features fuse function and form perfectly, with sleek dimensions, swift handling and tons of classic "Jeep" physical characteristics. Our CDJR of Seattle team is divided over which of the Jeep Renegade's exterior features are most appealing. Here are two we narrowed our choices down to.

Gazing at Sheer Perfection

The new grille surrounds and updated headlamps are just the beginning. Choose between halogen or LED headlamps. The former emits much more classic, bright white light at a color temperature of roughly 3000K. LED, on the other hand, gives off more lumens per watt, extending bulb life, saving money and emitting crisp white light with a maximum color temperature of about 3500K.

Seattle-Friendly, Overhauled Design

The Jeep Renegade's newly redesigned upper and lower fascia give it a decidedly sporty look and better adapt it to urban and outback terrain. The fascia curves up, leaving more clearance to help you attack upward angles, bumps, and humps without dragging or scraping your Jeep Renegade undercarriage.

Feel the power of the Jeep Renegade in your very hands. Stop in our dealer today, and grab a fun, quick test drive.

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