Ram ProMaster City: These Durability Features Can Increase Your Safety

At Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Seattle, we are thrilled that automakers are making automobiles safer and more durable. If an accident does happen, these features can help protect drivers and passengers. Let's explore some of the durability features of the Ram ProMaster City.

Body Structure is Reinforced

The automaker didn't hold back when it came to durability. The reinforced body structure of this cargo van is one aspect of careful design. It is meant to increase your protection in case of a collision.

Crush Zones

With this feature, areas of this passenger van will crumple when involved in a collision. The vehicle will absorb the kinetic energy from the impact. This can benefit you and any passengers in the vehicle.

The durability of this popular cargo van can definitely increase your safety. You can take a test drive, and find out more about these features and others that can benefit you in Seattle, WA and beyond.

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