Get Power And Efficiency With The Dodge Durango

Which qualities do you look for first in an SUV? Power? Fuel efficiency? What if you could have both? When you test drive the all-new Dodge Durango you will be pleased to find that it has both the power and also the fuel efficiency that you are looking for by being one of the most popular mid-sized SUVs in its class.

What other car gives you a strong performing 293 horsepower engine and 8-speed transmission while also conveniently providing up to 26 mpg highway driving? The answer is the Dodge Durango. Whether you are hauling bikes or a boat, you will find that the Durango outperforms all other vehicles similar.

When applying the gas pedal of a Dodge Durango you may find that you are feeding a monster. That's because you are taking advantage of the incredibly safe and spacious Dodge Durango. Learn more about why the Durango is the mid-sized SUV for you by taking it for a test drive.

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