Protecting Your Ride with Mopar Vehicle Protection

We build your new vehicle to last. To make sure it stays on the road for years to come, we offer our industry-leading Mopar Vehicle Protection. The plan comes with factory-trained mechanics, using genuine Mopar parts, at dealerships across North America. You come in, we do the work, you drive away safe and sound.

Our best plan is Maximum Care. You get extended coverage on over 5000 components beyond your original warranty. We cover everything from the cylinder block to the air conditioning blower motor to the transmission and all its internal parts. All you pay is a $100 deductible for each visit, with Mopar picking up the rest.

If you want good coverage, but don't want the Maximum Care plan, we offer the Added Care Plus option. This plan covers over 800 components beyond your warranty. To learn more, or get your vehicle fixed, call and make an appointment at the service department here at Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Seattle in Seattle, WA.

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