Expensing Total Cost of a Vehicle

With AS many costs playing into the total cost of owning a vehicle- any type of vehicle, large or small – you must be aware of all of the many types of expenses most drivers regularly incur. You should also look to what expenses you’ve paid towards your own vehicular ownership in recent years.

Doing so will lay a template that you can later use to “fill in the bubbles” of the total cost of owning a vehicle, helpful in determining what you’ll actually pay to own a car or truck. You should keep in mind that car insurance is a wallet-killer, as well as registration. Less expensive car, less expensive registration, and other expenses are lower, too.

If you drive a lot and don’t have a fuel-efficient truck or car, you should consider getting a different vehicle. If not, get ready to count a lot of gallons. You can always stop by and talk to our pros in the finance department at Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Seattle for guidance and calculation.

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