Schedule Seasonal Maintenance to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

At Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Seattle, we affirm that observing a good maintenance routine is important in maintaining your car's impressive performance, value, and overall integrity. We are happy to share several of our team's favorite seasonal maintenance tips that can help you spend less money and hassle on your car this fall.

  • Change oil: Oil acts as the soul of each vehicle. Replace your car's oil with an engineered item that is particularly intended for longer oil change interims.
  • Grease up frame, suspension and guiding segments.
  • Look into your car's battery. When the battery ages between three to four years, it can fail to function efficiently in cooler weather. If all else fails, switch it to a newer battery.
  • Check channels like hoses: Ensure beyond any doubt that all channels are in great status. Review the indoor regulator along with the coolant to guarantee appropriate motor warm-up, and ensure your warmer and defroster work.
  • Car tire pressure: Look for obvious wear on your tires as well as the correct pressure. Your tires should be of the right inflation. A small amount of pressure may increase risk of damage as well as decrease your fuel efficiency. A lot of pressure lessens traction, particularly when traveling on icy surfaces.
  • Frozen windows: Ensure that you have window ice scrapers and de-icers available.

You can bring your car, truck, SUV or van to our auto service center in Seattle, WA to have it checked by a trained professional. We look forward to extending the performance of your vehicle this fall and year-round when you visit Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Seattle!

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